About this website

About this website

Andy Larkum, one of the more recent additions to the Coalville Town Team, lives just up the road in Ibstock. With Coalville as his local town, Andy was keen to help and support the Coalville Town Team in bringing improvements to the town in any way he could. As director of a Leicestershire web design company, contributing a website and associated support seemed like the sensible offering!

Andy's company, ADL Consulting, have built and tailored the website to the Town Team's requirements. The concept was to allow Coalville local businesses to register on the website to help promote their business. For some, this will be their only web-presence, for others, it will help provide contextually-relevant links back to their own website.

For the public, our hope is that the Coalville and surrounding area residents will start to use the website to find out whether the town can supply what they need before they go shopping elsewhere. By using the search facility in the top-right of the page, users can quickly find what's is, or is not, available within Coalville.

We hope you like the site, and if you have any comments, please feel free to contact andy@coalvilletown.org.

...oh, and if you would like any help with your own company website, we'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch with us through our website here.