Special offer from Cayman Reef 


If your on our mailing list keeps your eyes on your emails for a chance to grab a Henri Lloyd polo worth £55!!

Good luck!


The Attic Shop - opening soon! 

The Attic Shop based on Belvoir Road, opposite The Marlene Reid Centre (formerly The Closet) will open on Friday 18th March by TV actress Hannah Walters. The shop will be open all day with refreshments, balloons etc.

The shop will be selling clothing, books, CD's, DVD's, household items and much more.

If you are having a clear out and have any unwanted items which you think may of use to us either drop them into Reception at The Marlene Reid Centre or into the shop itself once it opens

Alternatively, if you would prefer us to collect the items please call 01530 510515 or 512454 or email ...to arrange a mutually convenient time to collect.

New businesses on the site 

Six new businesses registered on the site since yesterday lunch time.

If you haven't registered your business on the site, to do so is FREE, and takes about 5 minutes, so why not do it now?!

If you have a spare minute, why not take a look at their profiles: